Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring SAL '09

Remember the LHN/CCN Spring SAL I mentioned in my last post? Well, I managed to put in my last stitches before the deadline - 15th April, 2009. Here is a picture of the finished piece - Flower Shop by CCN. The colors are very pastel and springy.

I am currently expanding my skills at different finishing techniques. It is not perfect but here is my first heart-shaped ornament. The design was taken from one of the cross stitch magazines. This ornie was handmade, I did not have the sewing machine then. I had just got myself a new toy, Brother Sewing Machine model BM2600. I will be going for free sewing lessions in May. I hope to improve and expand my finishing skills further. Pictures and more about my new toy in my next post.

Next, some exchanges to share. I participated in the recent Biscornu Exchange at Tiny Treasures Exchange (TTE). These were what I stitched and received for this exchange. I stitched this biscornu and a matching scissors fob for my partner, Monique N. The freebie is designed by fellow Singaporean Stitcher, Joei. The tiny biscornu I received was from Maria of Canada. This 15-sided biscornu was made differently from the normal biscornu. It had little legs like table and they represents the coming of spring(according to Maria).

Nina of Between Crosses is running a scissors giveaway. Please visit her blog for more details. Nina encourages stitchers to show their collections of scissors. Here is a picture of my collection. I cannot resist scissors. Every time I see one, I say I want, I want. I hope my husband don't read this post, he must be wandering why I need so many pairs of scissors and still adding to the collection.

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate and love all your comments.

Until the next update,


Suzann said...

I LOVE all your stitching projects. The Flower Shop is just precious.

doris said...

Such a pretty spring project and beautiful biscornu! You're so brave to try to finish a heart-shaped ornament, and it looks very nice. I guess scissors are a weakness for many of us.

Mylene said...

I just love your recent finish, it's beauitufl!

Lovely biscornu you've made for the exchange.

The heart shape turned out great, might try it someday too if i can find where that magazine is from, i have it somewhere here...

Habibi said...

Lovely work.
Congrats on finishing the flower shop.
All your finishes are beautiful.

Brigitte said...

Congratulations on your LHN finish.
Your finishing skills are great, I love that heart very much. Beuatiful exchnage pieces!

Sylvie said...

I have known about your blog through Nela's blog. I love your stitching projects, really beautiful. I will often visit you in the future.
I like very much your scissors collection, I also have my small collection.