Friday, November 27, 2009

Another Update on Beatrix

Time flies, it's more than a month since I last posted. I had been busy working on Beatrix, managed to stitch quite a few motifs for the month of November. Here is a picture of my progress so far.
Hope to work on it more in December. I am not sure how much stitching time I have in December as it's the holiday seasons. I am also going away for holiday - a few days in Penang.

Beside working on Beatrix, I managed a few small finishes. These are freebies from Tonia of Oakhaven Designs. Thank you, Tonia, for the freebies. I finished one into a scissors fob and the

other is supposed to be a needlebook to be.

Here is what I stitched for my partner, Suzanne, for the HoE Halloween Exchange. Sorry, Suzanne, I forgot to post this.
This design is by Prairie Schooler in last year Premier Issue of JCS Halloween.

I join a Hardanger SAL on a French Forum. I just love this design, here is the progress so far. Sorry for the poor picture. It's actually very pretty and delicate. I stitch it on 32ct sand linen using DMC perle B5200.

I celebrated my birthday on the 19th. This year is special, I had many parcels from overseas, these are gifts from some of the Birthday Club members. Take a look!

Thank you, ladies, for all the goodies. I love them all and I am already thinking of projects to use them.

I had a yummy oreo cheesecake for my birthday. My family gave me a dinner treat at a Taiwan Restaurant and more money for my stash. Thank you for a great birthday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends!

Happy stitching until the next update,


Monday, October 12, 2009

Finished an UFO and Working on Another

Happy dance! I had finished an UFO. This is the Table Runner I showed in my last post.

Another finish? I wish. This is another UFO that was put in cold storage for a couple of years. I am determined to work on this Table Cloth and get it finished this year. With the encouragement of my finished Table Runner, I am sure I can do it.

I love the cross stitch. There are many more squares to stitch.

I have the work cut out for me, the big unfinished portion. Think I can finish it by this year?

Here is my Sew Red. I stitched it on 32ct Belfast linen using CC Apple Fritters. I just love red. The finished piece measured about 5.3 inches square, it is too big for a pinkeep. I am still not sure how I will finished this beautiful sampler.

As I mentioned in my last post, this sampler is designed by Carol R. Go visit her blog and see all her beautiful works. She has designed another wonderful sampler, Sew Autumn. I am all ready to stitch Sew Autumn, this time on 40ct linen. If you want a copy of the chart, please visit her blog. Thank you, Carol, for your wonderful samplers.

On the Exchange front, here are pictures of the needlebook I stitched for Joan for the Needlebook Swap on the Sapphire Stitching Board. Joan like Fall theme and I chose this design by Plum Pudding Needleart. This is a freebie titled Lookin' Like Fall. I stitched Joan's initial on the back.

The finished needlebook has pockets inside for packet of needles, threads and scissors. I am so happy that Joan love this needlebook.

On the HoE Halloween Exchange, I received these beauties from Mary Jo. The design is Spooky Sheep by Shepherd's Bush. The stitching was beautifully done over 2 for the needlebook and over 1 for the scissors fob. I love them.

Mary also sent me some goodies, a chart from LK(one of my favourite designers) and some lovely GAST and Week Dye threads. These threads are not available in Singapore. Don't you love the Pumpkin Gift Paper? Thank you, Mary, for a lovely exchange.

Currently, I am stitching on Beautrix and BBD Autumn Song. I am all ready for Sew Autumn as well. I love Autumn, so this would be a lovely stitch. I am looking forward to my birthday next month. We are planning on lunch plus a karoake session.

Happy stitching until the next update!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wonderful Exchanges and Two New Starts

I love exchanges. Often, I have to remind myself not to over stretch and commit to too many exchanges. It is a pleasure to stitch for others and a double pleasure to receive from others. I have two wonderful exchanges to share.

I joined Swap II hosted by Nina. The theme for this exchange was Autumn. My partner, Julie, stitched for me a design by LHN(one of my favorite designers) and finished it into a box. I love boxes of all shapes and sizes. Julie answered my wish and sent me a box. Here is a picture of the lovely box.

The stitching was done beautifully 1 over 1. Julie also made me a tiny initial scissor fob. She included threads and lots of chocolate for me and my children. Thank you, Julie, for a lovely exchange.

I have joined Nina for the 3rd round of Swap, the theme this time is Christmas. Nina is Hungarian so most of the exchange participants are Hungarians. I am getting ready to stitch for my partner.

Another exchange received was from Clare H. This is the By The Sea Exchange hosted by HoE. Clare made me a lovely pinkeep. I am not sure where the design comes from but it was beautifully stitched on coloured linen. Clare also sent me a chart by Victoria Sampler (another of my favorite designers), some threads, buttons and fabric.

I cannot resist starting new projects. I visit Nina's blog very often. She is a talented lady, visit her blog and see for your self. She stitched "Autumn Song" and finished it into a beautiful sewing box. I love it so much that I immediately kit and start this project. Here is my progress so far.

This chart is by Blackbird Designs. I stitch it on 32ct Lambswool using a mixture of threads (DMC, Anchor and Cosmo). I love this piece because it contains all my favorite colors - Autumn.
I am still not sure about the finishing, not brave enough to try the box finish.

The second start is a design (Sew Red) by Carol R. She starts designing recently and offers two free charts. Please visit her blog if you like copies of her sampler designs. I started my stitching on 32ct Belfast linen using Crescent Color , Apple Fritters. Red is my favorite color beside the autumn colors. Thank you, Carol, for a lovely sampler.

F1 Night Races got underway in Singapore on Friday night. The races run from Sep 25 to 27. I am not a fan of racing but it is a big event in Singapore. There is plenty of entertainment at the Bay.

Thank you for all lovely comments.

Take care and happy stitching until the next update!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall Biscornu and an Update on Beatrix

Victoria Sampler Yahoo Group is having a Fall Contest. Thea Dueck (the host) has designed a fall biscornu for this contest. This design calls for a combination of hardanger, cross stitch and ribbon embroidery( if you like). Stitchers are free to use their choices of fabrics and threads. Other embellishments like beads, ribbons and buttons etc are allowed. Entries must be posted by 1st October and the winner will be voted by the members of this group. I had finished my version of the biscornu. I stitched the design on 32ct Belfast linen (light sand) using DMC and Anchor threads. The biscornu is small, barely 2 3/4 inches in size.

While I have my attention on hardanger, I decided to finish this Hardanger Runner. It has been an UFO for more than 2 years. I got tired of all the weavings and there were lots of other distractions like starting new hobbies and new designs. This design was stitched on 28ct light yellow Monaco. I hope to finish it soon, only five more of those circles to weave.

Here is another small hardanger project to show. I mounted this heart on a plastic box. The thread using is DMC varigated perle 8.

I got this Kit from Doris, she was finding new homes for her UFOs. It is an Emie Bishop's kit with hardanger and cross stitch. Doris had started with the hardanger and I continue from there. Here is a picture of the progress so far. Thank you, Doris, for this kit. I shall enjoy stitching it.

Here is an update on Beautrix. I have been adding two to three motifs monthly, progress is slow but steady. Pictures are posted to the BP SAL's blog faithfully every month. Posting encourages me to pick up and stitch on this sampler every month. I do not want this to be another UFO. This sampler is unlikely to be completed by end of this year as I originally planned.

Happy Dance! I had completed Joyful and Caring, it was a fun and quick stitch. This is the design I stitched for the LHN's Women SAL. This piece is destinated for my friend's birthday next month. I have not decided on the finishing.

Currently, I am busy stitching for swap and exchange. Thank you all friends for visiting my blog. I appreciate all the comments.

Happy stitching and take care!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Finishes, SAL and Exchange

I had internet access problems in the last two weeks, cannot access any blogs and of course no postings. DH changed the modem yesterday and voila, I can surf again. I had been busy stitching and sewing during the computer downtime. Here are a couple of finishes to share. I put the last stitches to the Table Topper last week. For the finishing, I have decided to make yo-yos instead of wool circles.

Next on the show, is a hardanger
sewing case. It was a pretty quick project, only took me three days to stitch and finish. The stitching was done on 28ct light blue Monaco using Anchor Perle 8 and DMC Perle 12. My stitching is definitely better than my finishing, lol!

The LHN SAL started on 17 August. We are allowed to choose any LHN's designs with little women in them. I chose to stitch 'Joyful and Caring' - Little Women Virtues Series. This is a thread pack and I enjoy stitching with silk threads. It will be another quick project. I stitch on 32ct Lambswool linen so the design is pretty small, just about 4 1/2 inches square. Here is a picture of my progress so far.

On the exchange front, my partner, April, had received her By the Sea Exchange. I stitched for her a cute biscornu. This Seaside Biscornu is a freebie by Fabienne Reilly( Stitching was done on 28ct blueish gray Monaco using DMC threads. I was glad that April like the biscornu and the goodies I sent her.

It is almost the end of August and from now till the end of the month, I will be stitching on my big wips. Hope to share my progress with you in my next update.

Thank you for visiting my blog. All comments are welcome.
Happy stitching N take care,


Friday, July 31, 2009

Sharing Finishes

A minute finish to share, it measures only about 1 1/2 inches. This design is by Donna of By The Bay Needleart. I stitched this Bay View Estate on 28ct Blueish Grey Monaco using DMC threads. Yes, I stitched over one again. It is tiny and delicate.

Remember the 36 patchwork squares in my last post? I assembled and machine quilted them and here is the finished bag. I changed the leather handles for fabric ones, they are softer. I am currently taking patchwork lessons at the Community Club. Hope to show my projects in my next post.

Finally, a picture to show what I received from Karen in the HoE Christmas in July Exchange. Karen stitched for me a design by Bent Creek, A Merry Little Christmas. I love this ornament. Karen also sent some goodies, love them. Thank you, Karen for a lovely exchange.

Currently stitching for exchange, so no picture yet. Progress on big wips is still slow, many distractions along the way.

We are celebrating our 44th National Day on the 9th of August. Happy Birthday, Singapore!

Take care and happy stitching till the next update.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Win, Exchange and Catching Up

I won a Giveaway from Beth's blog in May and my prize had arrived! This sampler is designed by Beth Twist of Heartstring Primitives. Thank you, Beth, for the chart. I will enjoy stitching Constance Sullivan.

Recently, I join the second round of swap hosted by Nina. Heard from Nina that my partner, Melinda, had received the SWAP II gifts. The parcel took only five days to arrive in Hungary. The theme for this exchange is Autumn. I stitched Spot of Autumn by The Drawn Thread on 28ct Cashel linen with DMC & Anchor threads. I also stitched a scissors fob using one of the motifs from the chart. Here is a picture of the gifts. Please visit Melinda's blog for more pictures. I am glad that Melinda likes what I had stitched for her.

I am catching up with the progress of my wips. Finished April and May blocks of LK Flip-it Blocks and started on June. I hope to finish June and July blocks by the end of month.

Here is another update of the Table Topper. I enjoy stitching this design, very colorful. I wanted to start a new project but I promised myself that I will finish this Topper first. I have kitted "On The Moors" by The Sampler Girl, all ready to go.

I have done some sewing and here is what I am making, another bag.

I had sew 36 of these squares. Next step is to assemble them and finish them into the bag. The quilting will be done by machine. I would like to hand quilt but it is going to take too much time. I bought this kit from a local quilt shop. The owner is aTaiwanese and she sews beautiful bags and quilts. She carries lots of Japanese fabrics.

Thank you for visiting my blogs and your lovely comments.
Take care and happy stitching till the next update.