Sunday, August 23, 2009

Finishes, SAL and Exchange

I had internet access problems in the last two weeks, cannot access any blogs and of course no postings. DH changed the modem yesterday and voila, I can surf again. I had been busy stitching and sewing during the computer downtime. Here are a couple of finishes to share. I put the last stitches to the Table Topper last week. For the finishing, I have decided to make yo-yos instead of wool circles.

Next on the show, is a hardanger
sewing case. It was a pretty quick project, only took me three days to stitch and finish. The stitching was done on 28ct light blue Monaco using Anchor Perle 8 and DMC Perle 12. My stitching is definitely better than my finishing, lol!

The LHN SAL started on 17 August. We are allowed to choose any LHN's designs with little women in them. I chose to stitch 'Joyful and Caring' - Little Women Virtues Series. This is a thread pack and I enjoy stitching with silk threads. It will be another quick project. I stitch on 32ct Lambswool linen so the design is pretty small, just about 4 1/2 inches square. Here is a picture of my progress so far.

On the exchange front, my partner, April, had received her By the Sea Exchange. I stitched for her a cute biscornu. This Seaside Biscornu is a freebie by Fabienne Reilly( Stitching was done on 28ct blueish gray Monaco using DMC threads. I was glad that April like the biscornu and the goodies I sent her.

It is almost the end of August and from now till the end of the month, I will be stitching on my big wips. Hope to share my progress with you in my next update.

Thank you for visiting my blog. All comments are welcome.
Happy stitching N take care,