Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Last Post For 2011

Just in time to squeeze in a last post before the year closes.

Christmas comes, Christmas went and I had no ornament to show except those I received from HoE exchanges. Thank you so much for these exchanges. In the last Round, I stitched this Santa for my partner, Roberta Smith. I love Santa and this Round is the Stitcher's Choice. I hope Roberta loves it too!
Design: Santa by Prairie Schooler
Fabric: 28ct Opalescent Linen
Thread: DMC

In return, I received a beautiful ornament from Becky K. She knows I love Santa and sunflowers, so what better than a Santa with Sunflowers. This design is also by The Prairie Schooler. I love this ornament, thank you Becky for this great exchange.

I did managed to finish stitching Red Santa after Christmas. This ornament will be on my Christmas tree next year, ha, ha!

Design: Red Santa by BOAF
Fabric: 36ct Lakeside Linen Meadow Rue
Thread: DMC

Here is a picture of my small Christmas tree with all those ornaments I received.

I have two last finishes for 2011. First is the SAL hosted by The Thread Basket and C Mon Monde. The SAL was scheduled to be completed by Dec 14th but I only finished the stitching on Christmas Day. I enjoyed stitching this sampler, a beautiful winter scene. Thank you so much, Valarie and Virginia for this SAL.

Design: A La Belle Etoile by C Mon Monde
Fabric: 36ct Hand-dyed linen (Color close to DMC 3747)
Thread: DMC

This one is an UFO, cannot remember when I started it. I love quaker, don't know why I put it away for so long. The design is by Nathalie of Jardin Prive, she gives the choice of 3 colorways.

Design: Eiffel Quaker by Jardin Prive
Fabric: 32ct Antique White Belfast
Thread: DMC 407, 632, 950

A closer view of the Eiffel Tower!

I would like to say a big "Thank you" to everyone who visit my blog. All your comments are greatly appreciated!



Sunday, November 20, 2011

A RAK, Two Finishes and Another SAL

It is rare to see me post twice in a month. I want to show a wonderful RAK gift from Andrea at The Craft Room. Andrea had a Christmas RAK Draw on her blog recently. She had 6 beautiful Christmas ornaments to give away. I am so lucky to be one of the winners. Here is the gorgeous ornament!

This gift came beautifully wrapped with a special Christmas card. Thank you so much Andrea, for this RAK. I will treasure them.

We had come to the end of Carol R's Mystery SAL. Here is the finale with my initial E. I will be mounting this beautiful sampler on the box in the picture. Carol gave a Bonus Chart to be stitched and finished into pincushion for the box. Thank you Carol, for a wonderful SAL. For those who miss the SAL, Carol has the design on sale on her blog - Sew A Mystery.

Next another finish to share - Christmas Eve. I love Prairie Schooler's designs and really enjoyed stitching this piece. Still not sure how I will finish this one, probably frame it.

I am very slow with the Christmas ornament stitching. Look at the Red Santa, he is still without a head. You can visit the Christmas Ornament Challenge 2011's blog to see the beautiful ornaments already posted there.

However, I managed to finish another ornament. This is a freebie by L 'R de rien in 2009. It was a fast stitch and I took away the year 09 in the design.

Design: Joyeux Noel by L 'R de rien
Fabric: 27ct PINK Meran
Thread: DMC blanc

With the end of Carol's Mystery SAL, I started another SAL hosted by The Thread Basket. The design for this SAL "A La Belle Etoile" is by French designer C Mon Monde. This is a 4-part SAL with one part per week. I am currently stitching on part two, here is a picture of part one. The fabric is actual light blue linen, close to DMC color 3747.

Designer: C Mon Monde
Fabric: 36ct hand-dyed linen
Thread: DMC

I took my mum to the 20th World Orchid Conference last week. We love flowers and I took lots of pictures. I will end with some pictures of the Orchid Show, enjoy!

Take care and keep stitching!

The orchids are gorgeous, actually a very deep purple in color.

A rare species!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Super Mail and An Update on Christmas Eve

I received a super package from USA. Becky sent me a box of candy tins and wooden boxes. Thank you so much, Becky, I love them. Now, I have to hunt for appropriate designs to stitch for these tins and boxes. Maybe I could use some of my completed pieces for these finishings!

Becky is a wonderful and fast stitcher. She is very creative with her finishes, visit her blog to see her gorgeous works.

I have been stitching diligently on Christmas Eve. Yes, it is definitely a Prairie Schooler's design. I had checked, the design is from Book 158. Here is my update, what is left to stitch is the band of snow at the bottom. I really love the two reindeer.

I jump on the wagon and join the Christmas Ornament Challenge 2011 hosted by Becky. This challenge started on November 1st and we are supposed to stitch Christmas ornaments for the next two months. I wonder, how many can I stitch? Please visit the blog to see the beautiful ornaments already posted there.

Here is my start of the first ornament. My theme is Santa, there are four of them in this series - Red, Green, Black and Gold.

Design: Red Santa by BOAF
Fabric: 36ct Lakeside Linen Meadow Rue
Thread: DMC

Of course, I will stitch other Christmas designs beside Santas. Knowing me, I may just be tired of Santas after the first one.

The next piece is stitched for me by my friend, Claudia. Isn't is beautiful? I love it, thank you Claudia. This will be finished into a circular cushion/pillow.

The design was lifted from The Cross Stitcher, an UK magazine. The picture did not showed the true color of the fabric, it is actually pink!

Design: Sorry I did not take note of the designer
Fabric: 27ct Pink Meran
Thread: DMC

That it for this posting. I hope to have Christmas Eve finished in my next update. And hopefully, there are Christmas ornaments to show, ha! ha!

Thank you for all your comments, they are greatly appreciated!

Hugs and keep stitching,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Christmas Stitching And ......

Time flies, it had been more than a month since I last updated my blog. What had I been doing? I was busy playing with my new toy, the Acer Iconia Tab. It is a present from my husband. I also spent my time watching Korean Drama Serial, it is very addictive.

Luckily, I manage to do some Christmas stitching in between these two pastimes. I bought this pattern locally and substituted the Aida for Linen. It is easy stitching with blocks of the same colors.

Design: Christmas Eve
Fabric: 36ct Lakeside Linen Meadow Rue
Thread: DMC

I just love the reindeer, there are two of them. Not sure who is the designer, it is not stated on the kit.

This is Part 6 of the Mystery SAL hosted by Carol R. I had just completed Part 7 and sent off a picture to Carol. The SAL is coming to an end, the final part is due early next month. Thank you, Carol, for this beautiful sampler.

Fabric: 40ct Newcastle Linen Day Gone BY
Thread: Sullivans Floss Crimson Cloves

Next, an update on the HoE Exchanges. I received a beautiful ornament from Roberta S. This is the "Words of Christmas" Round and she chose a design by Bent Creek. Roberta's stitching and finishing are perfect. Thank you, Roberta, for a wonderful exchange!

For this Round, my partner is Margaret C. This is what I stitched for her. I am so glad that Margaret loves the Ornament.

Design: Merry Christmas(so sorry, forget the designer)
Fabric: 28ct Cashel Linen
Thread: DMC

I forgot to post a picture of the ornament I stitched for Jennifer in the last round of exchange. The theme was Lizzie Kate's Christmas designs. Here is Jennifer's ornament from the Monthly Flip It Series.

Next, some small finishes. I am good at stitching but not the finishing. I procrastinate and procrastinate and procrastinate when it comes to doing the finishing!!! My box is full of stitchings to be finished one fine day.

These two are freebies by Shepherd's Bush. They are supposed to be pincushions and scissors fobs but.... day...

This rose design was taken from the Cross Stitcher magazine. It is a teacup pincushion.

I won a blog giveaway from Cathy L (see my previous post). This chart came with fabric and threads. It is a lovely design and I enjoyed stitching it. The strawberry thread keeper is also part of the giveaway goodies.

Design: Dutch Strawberries by The Goode Huswif
Fabric: 40ct Linen
Thread: DMC

I bought this Peppermint tea from an curio shop. What attracted me is not the tea but the box. I love boxes and this one is very French! Isn't is lovely?

I hope to have more to show in my next update. Thank you for visiting my blog, your comments are greatly appreciated!

Keeping Stitching!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Winner Is.......

I would like to thank everyone for joining my first Giveaway. I love reading your comments, they are greatly appreciated.

I got my younger DD to help me pick a winner. Kathy Ellen is the winner, please email me with your address so that I can send out the prize right away.

Take care and happy stitching until my next update!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Finish, An Exchange, Another Miniature and A Giveaway

I finally have a finish! This Easter project was started in April, it took me 3 months to complete. I am not a one-project person, this one was only worked on whenever I am at the Crafts Shop.

Fabric: 28ct Cashel Linen
Threads: DMC

I enjoyed this project, the hares are so adorable! My friend is helping me to sew this into a cushion. Can't wait to see it?

Here is Mamen Hal Malaka part 2. I love hardanger, this is going to be a beautiful table doily. Currently I am stitching the other end of the doily which is a repeat of part 2.

My Lizzie Kate Christmas Ornament was here early, I was very surprised and happy to receive it. My partner, Marie, chose a design from LK's Tiny Tidings XII. Her stitching and finishing are perfect. I really love this ornament, thank you so much Marie for a wonderful Exchange.

Love the Red trim, isn't it pretty?

Next, my obsession, another miniature to join my collection. This sewing machine is actually part of a set, it came with a ironing board, a basket of fabrics and a box of threads(in the picture). I love it! Now, I am constantly on the lookout for another one.

This month is my 3rd blogoversary! I started blogging in August 2008 and had my first post on 1st September 2008. To celebrate, I am hosting my very first Giveaway. Here is the prize! I will be adding other goodies in the package.

The rules are very simple, just be a follower and post a comment on this post only. I will select a winner on the 23rd of August, good luck!

Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your comments, they are greatly appreciated.

Take care and happy stitching!


Saturday, July 9, 2011


Mamen of Spain is hosting another HAL. This time it is a mystery table mat, so there is no picture of the finished design. Here is a picture of my part 1. I am currently working on part 2, the design is progressing beautifully.

Fabric: 32ct cream Belfast
Thread: DMC perle 8 & 12 #315 n 316

Mamen is one talented lady. Her design won first place placement in the annual award 2011 hosted by Nordic Needle. You can visit her blog and her shop to see her beautiful hardanger designs.

I finally completed the stitching for this pincushion. This was the second project from Mamen's last HAL. I intend to do a box finish for this project.

I won a blog giveaway from Cathy L. Look at all the goodies that she sent me, I just love them, especially the Beehive needle minder. Thank you, Cathy, for these wonderful gifts. I am looking forward to stitching Dutch Strawberries.

Have you seen the "Stitch An Inch" designs by Donna of By The Bay Needleart? I love them and ordered myself the Summer Pack 1 with the pendants. There are six designs with one bonus chart - the mermaid. Donna has directions on her Etsy Shop on how to finish these one-inch designs.

Here is a closeup of the pendant!

I have two small finishes to share - the limited edition of Lizzie Kate's Winter scissors fob and Shepherd Bush's My Heart.

I love the stitching but tend to procrastinate when it comes to finishing. These two smalls will go into my box to be finished one day, hopefully not too long in the future.

I have a new obsession, miniature sewing machines. I love them and start a new collection.

This one has a drawer with threads, buttons and scissors inside.

A porcelain one to join the collection!

I am still working faithfully on Susan, will post pictures soon. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I love comments, they are greatly appreciated!

I am celebrating my 3rd blogoversary soon and will be hosting my first giveaway, so please come back to join the fun.

Take care and happy stitching!