Thursday, July 25, 2013

HAL Baby

HAL Baby hosted by Mamen has just completed. I am working on the final stage of blanket stitches and lots of eyelets! Here are some pictures of Part 5.

Please visit Mamen's blog to see her gorgeous works. Here is a picture of the final product of this HAL from Mamen. Gorgeous, isn't it? Too pretty for a baby bib?

I have some finishes to show, scissors cases, scissors fobs, strawberries....

Strawberries for summer! My craft group meets every Tuesday and we have been making lots of strawberries ha ha!  Another project - pincushion cum scissors holder!

This one is a gift from my friend, thank you Sonia!

More scissors case and fob!

This fob is done from a tutorial by Casaerba.

Another fob from Judy's Challenge! Notice the color scheme! I seem to be doing everything in these shades just now ha ha!

Finally, an update on Dorothy! I am working on the bargello band, very enjoyable to stitch!

Love this bargello band! Notice the over 1 verse... it's progressing ha ha!

Thank you for your visits and comments, they are greatly appreciated!

Happy Summer Vacations!