Tuesday, October 12, 2010


As usual, I am late in my posting. I had been busy making pincushions. It's fun to stitch and finish small projects. Look at the tray, I have 6 pincushions to show.

This one is actually a humbug Christmas ornament. The design is by Yvette Stanton from Issue 23 of The Gift of Stitching. I stitched it on 32ct Belfast using DMC Perle Cotton 8. Beads were added to 3 corners of the humbug as tassels.

I have seen many of this style of pincushion in bloggerland and decided to make one for myself. The chart is found in JCS Christmas Ornament Preview Issue, designed by Lori of La-D-Da. Again, I stitched on 32ct belfast linen. This time I using hand-dyed threads(Crimson Fire) from Nina.

This design should be familiar to many of you, it is from Blackbird Designs - Honeysuckle Manor. The base of this pincushion is crocheted by my friend Maria. The tiny pincushion is from Japan, a gift from my quilting teacher.

I stitched this piece some time ago. It is a freebie but sorry I had lost the source. The backing for this cushion is linen fabric, check in front and polka dot at the back. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the back.

Now, to show some Halloween stitchings. The first one is a freebie by Homespun Elegance. I stitched it on 36ct greyish blue linen and finished it as a long pillow. Love this style of pin pillow.
The next design is by Tonia of Oakhaven Designs. It is also a freebie. I really love the pumpkin fabric used for the pincushion.

Ok, this one didi not made it to the tray, I just finished it. This is another freebie by Sylvia. DMC colors used - 597 and 938. I have not find suitable buttons for this pincushion yet.

This one is definitely not made by you. I bought this beauty at a flea market. I really love that bear sitting on top of the stitcher's box. I want to learn how to make this. Maybe, I can bring it to my Cartonage Teacher and she can figure out how to do it.

Did I stitch anything besides pincushions? Yes, I did but not much. Here is a little progress on Lo, How a Rose sampler. I love the colors palette for this sampler. Hope to make more progress this month.

Next, is a picture of what I gave my friend for her birthday. The stitching is a design by LHN. "Joyful and Caring" describes my friend perfectly. I left the finishing to her, she is also a stitcher.

I hope to have more progress reports on my wips in my next posting. Thank you for visiting my blog. All comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Happy Stitching and Take Care!