Friday, June 5, 2009

A combination of two passions

I made my first tote bag, combining cross stitch with patchwork. I love patchwork but usually do only small handmade projects. Now, with Brother Sewing Machine, I am looking forward to bigger and more ambitious projects. I am proud of my first Tote.

Look at these lovely threads, they are overdyed threads made in Japan. I bought them from a quilt shop. I wanted to try this new thread and started a small piece, Souvenir de France. This is a freebie offered by Barb of Blackbird Designs.

Yes, I am stitching 1 over 1. This is my first attempt and I am loving it, the stitching looks delicate and petite.

I completed my second sewing accessory from 2009 BBD Loose Feather series. This pincushion can be personalised and is quick to stitch. I found a wooden ashtray at a Pasar Malam (night market) and mounted my pincushion on it.

I am way behind in my big Wips, not much stitching on A Quaker Christmas, BP sampler and LK Flip-it blocks. I got distracted by so many new designs and projects that I wanted to do. Here is a picture of my BP sampler, I only completed one and a half motif in May. I am determind to work more on these wips this summer holiday.

Before I sign off, Yuko is having two blogoversary giveaways. Please visit her blog for more details.
Kathy is also having a giveaway, she is offering surprise prizes. You have until June 26th so go visit her blog.

Take care and happy stitching till the nezt update!


doris said...

Gorgeous projects. I love your patchwork bag and your blue Eiffel Tower. As always, Miss Bea is looking fabulous.

Linda said...

Oh Ellen, that's beautiful! Lovely, lovely, lovely. Wish I could do as well.
Linda in TX

Brigitte said...

Your projects look great. I love the bag that you finished so creatively.

Unknown said...

I love your tote bag and you did a fantastic job on it! The others are lovely too!

Sandra said...

Ever since I saw a patchwork tote on a TV program, fell in love with it and been wanting to do one.

Now that I have my machine I'll start sewing totes, but my first will just have a cross stitch pocket and plain green drill lol

You did an amazing job Ellen. It's beautiful and feminine. Congrats!

Nina said...

Amazing wonderful works!!

Mzplcdokie said...

WOW All of your projects are gorgeous. The combination of two of your passions turned out fantastic...great job! Souvenir of Paris is wonderful and definitely on my to-do list. Love the silk floss

Kathy said...

Your finishes are fabulous!! I love your tote. it is simply gorgeous.
Thank you for mentioning my giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Your Eiffel Tower is so dainty and pretty! And I love what you did with that pin cushion. How creative is that?!

Your tote bag is inching me closer to taking the plunge and picking up a sewing machine of my own. I'd love to pick up quilting (as if I need more projects, lol) and to be able to finish some of my stitching into something other than pictures on the wall! lol