Friday, February 5, 2010

Updates and some small finishes

It's February and time for some updates. I wanted to post more regularly but some things always get in the way (is that a excuse for being lazy, lol).

Here are some updates on my quaker projects, Quakers & Quilts(Q &Q) and Beatrix Potter(BP). BP is a year old. I try to work on it every month. My goal is to finish it by this year, I have eight more motifs to go. I am enjoying Q&Q, it stitched on 40ct linen using one thread. I ready love quaker designs and actually started another quaker project, Jardin Prive's Eiffel Quaker. I promise some pictures in my next post.

In between the big projects, I had been stitching for exchanges and quick pieces. In the Holidays Exchange, I stitched for Cindy Mae two heart designs and finished them as a biscornu. These are freebies but I cannot the source, sorry. I included some goodies with this exchange, go to Cindy Mae's blog for more pictures.

Here are more biscornus. You can tell that I love making biscornus, lol.

The blue one is a freebie from Victoria Sampler. I modified the chart to add webbed roses. The hardanger biscornu's chart is found in the magazine - New Stitches. There are 4 designs to choose from.

I currently joint two SALs. I am now stitching Joei's Her Flower Garden Block 2, will post picture soon. The other SAL is the Month SAL 2010 on Oakhaven Designs' group. Here is a picture of January. This is a quick and fun SAL.

I love boxes and tins. Currently, I am taking cartonage lessons from a Japanese teacher. These are my project works so far, a photo frame, a spectacle box and a small green box. In the near future, I want to incorporate my cross stitch into this finishing technique. Look out for the next update, more fabric boxes to come.

Thank you, friends, for visiting my blog. I love all your comments. I will be away for a few days during the Chinese New Year period. For those who celebrate - Happy Chinese New Year!

And Happy Valentine to everyone! (February 14th happens to be the first day of Chinese New Year).

Take care and happy stitching till the next update.



Mylene said...

Hello Ellen, i sure miss your post. I come here regularly for a visit as your blog won't appear on my google reader(have tried it a few times but got an error, i mean to add it to google reader).

I see, you've been busy, all stitching and finishes are beautiful. I so love the Quakers & Quilts(Q &Q) and Beatrix Potter, it looks like it's not much to do anymore so you will be finish very soon.
Well done on the boxes, they look really great!

Happy Happy Chines New Year!!

Brigitte said...

Your WIPs look great. The ten
motives on Beatrix will be stitched in no time and you will have a wonderful finish.
Being able to do some cratonnage is one of my dreams. I have never tried it and unfortunately it's not popular here so I can't attend a class. But I know there are tutorials out there. Your boxes look so, so beautiful.

Joke said...

Happy Chinese New Year!! Love your stitching ;)