Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Beauty Received

Look at this beauty I received from Melanie. This is the pin cushion she stitched for me for the Pin Pillow Exchange hosted by Becky SC. I love this design, it's Happy Heart Day by the Trilogy. This pin cushion is bigger than the conventional ones but I love it. Thank you, Melanie for this beauty, I will treasure it.

This picture showed the detailed stitching, it's beautiful.

A quick update on the Oakhaven Designs' SAL. April was a quick and fun stitch. The SAL is coming along very nicely.

I started on another two Quaker projects. What did I tell you, I am crazy about Quaker designs, lol. The first one is the Contest Stitching hosted by the Wiehenburg Samplers Group. You have to be a member in order to join this Contest. The Contest chart is designed by Martina. The second project is the Spring Quaker SAL. This sampler is also designed by Martina. You will have to pay 11 Euros for the chart. This is a big sampler and the SAL will stretched over many weeks with a part per week. I will update with pictures in my next post.

Thank you, friends, for taking the time to comment on my blog. All comments are welcomed and mean a lot to me.

Take care and happy stitching until the next update!



Mylene said...

What a beautiful pin pillow you received. I am loving all the pin pillow i've been seeing the last days, i do hope to try that kind of finishing one day.

Looking forward to see your new quaker starts.

Suzanne said...

That's a lovely pillow and the fabric Melanie chose is great.

Nice progress on your SAL.

Unknown said...

I love how your Oakhaven SAL is turning out. The pin cushion is so lovely!

Lillie said...

Lovely pin pillow and Melanie finished it beautifully.