Sunday, April 28, 2013


I join Sara's SAL Sorpresa 3 which started on April 1. This is a winter theme project, a continuation of her seasonal theme SALs. The SAL consists of 12 monthly installments and will end early next year.
Here is my part 1 of the project. Beautiful isn't it? I am looking forward to part 2 coming on May 1.

Fabric: 40ct Newcastle Lentil Linen by Nina
Thread: DMC

 Abi's HAL - A Confetti of Hardanger has just ended. She will be starting another SAL with specialty stitches. The SAL is exclusively to her group members.

I have some struggles with the last part of the HAL, the curves of the buttonhole bars did not flow smoothly. After some frustrations, I decided to leave out these bars and just do the dove eyes. Here is my completed doily! Thank you Abi for a beautiful HAL!

A closer look at the fillers!

Some hardanger smalls to show. The design is from Judy at Whitework Embroidery. She does beautiful whiteworks, please visit her blog to enjoy her gorgeous works!

The other side of the scissors fob!

I also  stitched some small designs from various cross stitch magazines. Now I must find time to do the finishing ha ha! Hopefully in my next post, I will have something to show!

I found Claudia's blog through Judy, she is doing a gorgeous Embroidery Alphabets SAL. The embroideries are so beautiful, I could not resist and started on my inital E. I have fun doing these embroidery stitches, some are new to me. Please visit her blog to see the other alphabets, the SAL is currently at letter I.

Claudia got me so enthusiastic in embroidery that I have started another project, an embroidery pincushion. Hope to show in my next update.

More on Dorothy and Summer in my next post, in the meantime Happy Stitching!



Deb said...

Your work is beautiful! Love everything. That is my problem... Have to get around to sewing together finishes!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

beautiful doily - all of your work is lovely - Amanda

Annette-California said...

Your needlework is Beautiful. I did go to Claudia's blog and I'm going to try the letter embroidery stitches too. Only my first initial of my name to start. Thank you for the link. Gorgeous doily.
love Annette

Andrea said...

Gorgeous finishes. Love the new SAL piece.

cucki said...

aww super sweet scissor fobs..beautiful stitching and finishes..
very pretty doily...lots of love for you x

Deb said...

What gorgeous work - each and every one of those pieces. Your doily is stunning.

Myra said...

So pretty Ellen. The doily is just awesome.

Giovanna said...

Congrats on the beautiful Hardanger piece. And nice start on Sara's SAL.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Your doily is gorgeous as are all your fobs! Love the letter you stitched and the fliral Scottie dog is adorable!

Anne said...

Oh Ellen, I'm always in awe of your embroidery skills. Your hardanger is gorgeous as are the teeny tiny biscornus. Your "e" is fantastic with all those different stitches and colours. Love them all!

Solstitches said...

The winter SAL piece looks very pretty.
As always your Hardanger is exquisite and how pretty the embroidered letter E is.
Thank you for the link :)


Tatkis said...

So many lovely finishes! Wonderful elegant doily and cute fobs!


Mylene said...

Doily looks gorgeous and such cute fobs!!

Brigitte said...

Such great finishes, the stitched ones and the Hardanger ones. But well, Hardanger is also stitching, right?
This SAL looks very promising. I'm already looking forward to seeing the next part.

Lillie said...

Sara Sal looking good. Loved your hardanger embroidery, so elegant as always and you finished the smalls beautifully.

Sally said...

Beautiful WIP and finishes. I'm debating whether to join the winter SAL. Think I'll wait and see what a few more parts are like first lol!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

oh quelle magnifique début ! vivement la suite ! bisous bisous

Jan Gartlan said...

What beautiful work! I'm off to check all those links

Marie said...

Your work is truly impressive, takes my breath away!

JudyC said...

Hi Ellen,
喜歡你的小針包喔! ~~
謝謝妳的來訪與留言! judy