Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Projects

Happy 2014! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with families and friends.

I started the new year with several new projects ha ha! The first start is CCN's Santa Village. I saw so many gorgeous finishes last year, decided it shall be my year long project for this year.  Here is my progress...

Fabric:  WDW 40ct Parchment Linen
Threads:  DMC

Maryse hosts SAL every year. I love her designs, signed up for her 2014 SAL last December. This year's theme is mystery House Sampler.  Another year long project for me ha ha!

Fabric: 40ct Newcastle Light Mocha Linen
Threads: DMC

Third project started for this year is HAL Bambu. This beautiful hardanger doily is designed by Mamen and the HAL is hosted by Ticoeur on her French Forum. Please visit Mamen's blog to see her gorgeous designs! Here is my colors scheme and part 1 is finished...

Fabric: 32ct Belfast Linen Freezing Chocolate hand-dyed by Nina
Threads: DMC perle 356, 758, 950

With all these new starts, you must be wondering if I have time for anything else???  I did, I worked on my wips. Here is my first finish for 2014, the SAL La Pensee Positive by Jardin Prive.

Another picture,  against my black cupboard... I am looking for a nice hanger to hang this beautiful bellpull. Thank you, Nathalie , for this beautiful SAL.

Next on the show is my progress on Sara's SAL Sorpresa 3. We are already at part 10 of this SAL, only two more parts to go..  I am up to date with this SAL, enjoy stitching this winter scenery!

There are many additions - a hotel, more houses, rabbits forlicking in the snow, a skier....Love this interesting border!
More close up pictures....

I did not work on Dorothy during the holidays, she had been in cold storage for a while. I hope to work on her soon, ready want to finish this beautiful sampler.

I will leave you with a picture of this bag made by my talented DD. She bought the design and fabric while travelling in Japan last year.

Happy Stitching till the next update!



Lisa V said...

You are much further along with the SAL Sorpresa 3 than I am. Unfortunately, its just too hot here at the moment to work on it, all the fabric on my lap just gets too hot and sticky. I am looking forward to getting it out again when the weather cools.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful projects!

Scrap said...

very nice projects !

Carol said...

Loved catching up with your stitching finishes and WIPs, Ellen. Congratulations on your Jardin Prive finish--it really is lovely. My favorite, though, is the SAL you're stitching with Sara's lovely design--amazing! How big will it end up being?

Looking forward to all of your 2014 projects--have a great year, Ellen!

Mii Stitch said...

I love the projects you're working on. Congrats on your finishes too! Congrats to your DD too for finishing such a gorgeous bag!!! - I'm a bag-holic!!!!

Mylene said...

Beautiful projects started and working on Ellen.
I too am glad i' ve completed the Jardin Prive. Just don' t know how to finish it off yet.

Myra said...

Your fingers are going to be busy this year! Fabulous finishes and I love the bag your DD made - so pretty.

Brigitte said...

Ellen, your plans for this year are fantastic, some more SALs that look so promising. Maryse and CCN are always good for very nice designs.

Congratulations on finishing La Pensée Positive. It looks gorgeous on the white linen band that you chose for it. It will make a great bell pull. And Sara's SAL, what a beauty. I love her designs very much.

Have fun with your Hardanger project, you chose three beautiful colours for it.

Your daughter is very talented, too. No wonder, with you as her mother :)

Andrea said...

Wow, you are going to be busy this year. You have some beautiful projects to work on.

Anne said...

I love all of the SAL's you are working on Ellen and the new ones too!! The surprise house looks so pretty. Congrats on the Jardin Prive finish! It's darling!!

Sally said...

Wow you have lots of lovely pieces there. Your Jardin Prive finish is beautiful. I have finished mine now!

Lillie said...

Look like you've made a lot of
stitching progress. Your hardanger
thread colors are lovely.

Congrats on your Jardin finish.
You've got one very talented DD.

Marie said...

I truly adore Sorpresa 3 ~ That design reminds me so much of life in Vermont. It tops my MUST HAVE list...someday.

Congrats on the bellpull finish. I look forward to seeing the hanger you find for it.

Santa Village is wonderful. I saw so many posting on that late last year. Almost tempted to do that one as well.

Your hardanger piece is gorgeous.

You and your DD are quite talented.

CasaERBA said...

Dear Ellen, wow! It's so lovely embroidery!! Nice design!!! Congrats!!
Hugs erba

Solstitches said...

Your needle has been flying Ellen!
All of your projects are so lovely.
The Jardin Prive finish is beautiful.
What a lovely bag your DD made for you.

Madtatter80 said...

What a wonderful Christmas time scene and beautiful work and styles of patterns. Love all of them keep posting hugs from Carollyn.

i gede putut said...
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Unknown said...
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