Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First Finish of 2009

Double firsts! This is my first finish of 2009 and it is also my first LHN design. I really love this chocolate box but still not sure how I would finish it.

Next an update on the Seasonal Breezes SAL that I am stitching. This SAL was delayed due to the holiday seasons, it was supposed to finished by Jan 2009. I have just finished stitching Spring Breeze 7, can't wait for last part due next month. This SAL is fun and quick to stitch.

I have started on my 2009 project, A Quaker Christmas. Not much done yet but it a start, I am pleased with the green colours. Here is a picture of the progress so far. I have also started on my second project, the LK Flip it Blocks. Almost finish January Block, will post picture soon.

Chinese New Year is just round the corner, on the 26th and 27th of January. Traditionally in China, Chinese New Year marks the end of winter and the start of spring. Hence, Chinese New Year is also known as Spring Festival. In Singapore, being Chinese majority, we celebrate Chinese New Year in big ways. We spring clean and decorate our homes with lanterns, new year decorations, potted flowers and Kamguat (orange) plants. Red is lucky and the colour for Chinese New Year. Here are two pictures of shops selling new year decorations, they are traditionally red in colour. Most shops will be closed on the eve of Chinese New Year and the first day of New Year. We have a reunion dinner on the eve, normally a steamboat dinner. I will be going to MIL's house in KL, Malaysia, for the new year.

More about Chinese New Year in my next post.

Take care and happy stitching!


Sachiko said...

Lovely finish!!
You chosen lovely design at new year.
Breezes SAL and Quaker Christmas's progress are great!


wow, your blog is really lovely,and your needlworkes are very nice.
manuela from Italy (Genova)

Kathy said...

Yummy finish with the chocolates. :) And nice progress on the other pieces.

Ranae said...

I love chocolate, lol
I am starting A Quaker Christmas too. I come over from Joan's group.
I enjoyed browsing your blog.
You have lovely stitching

Milly~ said...

Chocolate Box turned out great!

Sandra said...

I can't wait to see the whole seasonal SAL, it's looking great so far. It's a colorful and lovely design, perfectly stitched.

Courtney Short said...

Your stitching is beautiful as always.. I LOVE that chocolate box.. who is the designer? That would be a perfect valentines day gift :-)

Taijuska said...

Hi! You have very nice blog, I like :) Happy New Year 2009!

Jacinta said...

Hi, am loving the green you have chosen for the Quaker Christmas. Have a great New Year celebration - this year Chinese New Year coincides with Australia Day so it there will be two reasons to celebrate here - fireworks overhead and crackers in the street!

cheers from Jacinta in Cairns

Mylene said...

Tht's a lovely finish and your quaker christmas is looking great!

Joy said...

GREAT finish!! I have this pattern and I LOVE chocolate as well! :-) You have some lovely stitched pieces. I look forward to seeing more!

Myra said...

Very pretty and I just love the chocolate box. I think it would look great on top of a tin. :o)

Jeanie said...

Your finishes are all so pretty and neat ! Love the chocolate box ! Happy New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai !