Thursday, July 25, 2013

HAL Baby

HAL Baby hosted by Mamen has just completed. I am working on the final stage of blanket stitches and lots of eyelets! Here are some pictures of Part 5.

Please visit Mamen's blog to see her gorgeous works. Here is a picture of the final product of this HAL from Mamen. Gorgeous, isn't it? Too pretty for a baby bib?

I have some finishes to show, scissors cases, scissors fobs, strawberries....

Strawberries for summer! My craft group meets every Tuesday and we have been making lots of strawberries ha ha!  Another project - pincushion cum scissors holder!

This one is a gift from my friend, thank you Sonia!

More scissors case and fob!

This fob is done from a tutorial by Casaerba.

Another fob from Judy's Challenge! Notice the color scheme! I seem to be doing everything in these shades just now ha ha!

Finally, an update on Dorothy! I am working on the bargello band, very enjoyable to stitch!

Love this bargello band! Notice the over 1 verse... it's progressing ha ha!

Thank you for your visits and comments, they are greatly appreciated!

Happy Summer Vacations!



gracie said...

Beautiful beautiful....

cucki said...

So beautiful..
Hugs x

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

definitely WAY too fancy to be a bib!
You are not are you? Lovely looking scissor fobs there too, thanxs for the links - Amanda

Solstitches said...

I always love to see your Hardanger embroidery. Your latest HAL piece is gorgeous.
Love the strawberries too.

Marie said...

Oh my, i am drooling over your gorgeous work. I have bee waning to try my hand at Hardanger for quite some time. I did it many years ago but never did my work look like yours.

The bib is beautiful, I want to make that!

Love the strawberries and fob.

Penny said...

Absolutely gorgeous work! Dorothy is looking beautiful too! :)

Brigitte said...

Your finishes are just gorgeous, all of therm so delicate. Particularly the baby bib. And you are right, maybe a bit too delicate to be used as a bib.
Great progress on Dorothy.

Myra said...

Gorgeous finishes. Your hardanger work is so intricate and beautiful.

Carol said...

Such gorgeous, gorgeous work, Ellen! I'm in awe of those of you who do hardanger!! The bib--wow! What lucky baby will get to wear that lovely piece!?

Lillie said...

Gorgeous bib!! Too precious for babies, LOL! Love those strawberries and fobs!

Sally said...

Your HAL piece is just so pretty.

Kathy Ellen said...

That is the most exquisite bib I have ever seen, fit for a little princess! It might be lovely to go with a christening gown, but I can't imagine ever having it be soiled.

Your hardanger pieces are so beautiful


Angela said...

Everything is just so beautiful!

jean said...

May I know where u teach craft. I want to learn. Please email me at