Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I have some oldies to show, found them while clearing the cupboard. These alphabets were stitched on Aida years ago from a Kit I bought - The Rose Alphabets by Donna Vermillion. I just love these alphabets but not sure what to do with them ha ha! What was my plan years ago ???

Fabric: 14ct white Aida
Thread: DMC

Fabric: 14ct Cream Aida
Thread: DMC
A closer look at my initial, beautiful isn't it?

These days I stitch exclusively on linens and evenweaves, all Aida cloths were given away to friends.

An update on Sara's  SAL Sorpresa 3. We were given 2 parts to stitch during the summer holidays, here are my progress... I really love this SAL, love how the scenery unfolds itself!

More houses...

A Village Church and look at those two deer...adorable!

I am still stitching on these 2 parts, lots of evergreens to fill in ha ha!

Some small finishes to show - biscornu, scissors fobs and coaster.. This biscornu is a freebie from Casaerba. I love the needlelace in the centre!

Look at the back, isn't it lovely too? I stitched the biscornu on 28ct cream linen, so it is big ha ha! Casaerba stitched her pink biscornu on 38ct Italian linen. Thank you  for this beautiful design!

These cube scissors fobs are so cute and tiny. They are fast to stitch too! The design is a freebie by Palko, thank you. The purple fob is a gift for my friend!

A closer look at the cube fob! It's stitched on 32ct linen using Nina's thread! That red/purple one was also stitched using Nina's threads. Her threads are gorgeous and lovely to stitch with, thank you Nina!

One of my earlier smalls finished as a coaster, love it!

My two DD went for a backpack trip to Japan recently. They brought back these beautiful gifts for me, love them!

A closer look at the box, bag, scissors and button!

I really love this pair of scissors, thank you Hui and Qi!

They also came back with lot of sweets and chocolates for the family, friends and colleagues!

I will update Dorothy and Sara's Summer in my next post! Thank you for your visits and comments!

Happy Stitching!



Lisa V said...

You are further along in the SAL than me. I am stitching all those evergreens at the moment and the slope before I move onto the top section.

cucki said...

Wow I love your seal so much..beautiful stitches.
Cute scissor fob too.
Hugs x

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Your SAL and your sampler are beautiful! Your smaller finishes are wonderful, as well. Love the cubed fobs and that biscornu - wow! Awesome goodies from Japan!

Penny said...

The Rose Alphabet letters are beautiful! Lovely SAL and I love the stitches on your biscornu! Those little fobs are so cute. :) Wonderful goodies from Japan, too!

Mylene said...

A lovely post!! And such goodies from Japan from your daughters. Enjoy!!

Brigitte said...

This SAL gets more and more beautiful with each addition. Great stitching, Ellen.
I love your finished biscornu, it looks so delicate. And your scissor fobs are really cute. And they make lovely gifts, don't they?
Enjoy all the goodies your daughters brought from Japan.

Brigitte said...

... and I'm very curious to see what you will be doing with all the wonderfully stitched roses. A rose quilt maybe?

Solstitches said...

Oldies but goodies - the floral alphabet is so pretty.
Beautiful stitching on the SAL piece, the biscornu is gorgeous and those fobs are adorable. Must check out the pattern.
Lovely gifts from your daughter.

Lillie said...

Beautiful stitched alphabets. The biscornu is fabulous and thanks for the link.

So sweet of your daughters to be thinking of mommy on their trip. Love the box. Enjoy the goodies.

Anonymous said...


Just found your lovely blog.
Your stitching is so beautiful!
Have a good weekend (:

JudyC said...

妳製作的每一個剪刀吊飾都非常特殊,可愛又有創意!喜歡!!! judy

Anne said...

Such pretty things your have been making Ellen! I adore that SAL too with all the sweet houses and snow falling and little deer! Too cute. Your biscornus are perfect and Nina's threads are divine to work with!! Great gifts from Japan!

Sally said...

Beautiful stitching and such pretty things you have made too.