Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Discover the World of Smalls

I have been surfing the net recently and discovered the World of Smalls. Now I am hooked on smalls. Making smalls tests my finishing skills and I've made a few to show.

This is my first biscornu. The design is by Pelin Tezer. It is a bit big because I stitched it on 25 count Lugana.

Next I try my hands on making floss tags. It took me some time to figure out how to make them. I came across Staci's tutorial on floss tags after I made these. Thanks you Helga for the flower freebie. The blue motif is from Windy Willows.

After making the floss tags, I had a bright idea (ha! ha!) to finish the next piece into a nametag for my daughter. She has ballet lesson every Sunday, so I stitched two ballerinas for her. The design is from Dance Factory.

I love this design when I saw it on the net. This Hungarian design is by Ancsa. I am now crazy about this triangular scissor case and in the process of making my second one. I will post a picture when it is done.

I am now in the world of smalls. Everyday I am looking for small designs to make small things.

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Pike said...

Congrats on your new blog, Ellen! And I know what you mean: the world of small is soooooooooo fascinating.

I just LOVE your biscornu, it's really gorgeous. And I want to try that scissors case, too!

Pirjo from Finland