Monday, September 8, 2008


Stitch, stitch and stitch! I hooked myself to several Sals recently. Yesterday, I finally started on my Monopoly SAL. I found a piece of 28 count cream linen in my stash big enough to start the project. Here is a picture of my progress so far.

List of other SALs that I am doing:

The Seasonal Breezes SAL by the Cute Mermaid. Fun and quick to

Halloween SAL by Joan Pavlick (sapphirestitching)
Have not make up the game board and pieces yet.

Damier Checkerboard SAL by Maryse
Some stitching to catch up.

List of SALs that I want to start:

How Does Your Garden Grow? by Papillon Creations
Rose Sampler By EMS
Symphonie SAL by Isa R. Creation

I am very ambitious, lol , as though I don't have enough things to do.


me said...

I just started on my Halloween SAL form Joan, Love that Monoply one, should try to get that chart also

Hearty Bakes said...

Hi Ellen!
Nice to meet another stitcher here :)
You have got a few beautiful working-in-progress. Me too, enjoy SAL!
i have yet to try out hardanger but i understand it ain't easy but it's very beautiful and something i like to learn one day.
Very stunning hardanger pieces you have stitched, i especially like those coasters.